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HLC: Integration of renewable energy sources into the electrical grid


May 17th 2018
A «High Level Conference» was organized within the framework of the European Cooperation Network on Energy Transition in Electricity, TR@NSENER project. The Corporación Tecnológica de Andalucía (CTA) with the collaboration of the TR@NSENER Consortium organized this session.

The aim of this conference was to present the challenges and opportunities faced in the electrical transmission and distribution systems due to the higher expected incorporation of renewable energy sources into the energy system. Different stakeholders from the academia, private companies and public entities as Universidad de Sevilla, INESC Porto, REN, EDP, Enel, Abengoa, GPtech, Ayesa and Ingelectusl shared their visions and experiences on how the electrical system could take appropriate advantage of different renewable energy sources.
Venue: Hotel Ribera de Triana
Plaza de Chapina, S/N, 41010 Sevilla (SPAIN)

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