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Session on the Interoperability of Networks


Madrid, 22th Novembre 2018

Last November, FUNSEAM within the collaboration of the Spanish Association of Electrical Industry (AELEC) organized in Madrid a session on Interoperability of Electrical Networks.

This session aimed to analyze how the interoperability of different interfaces can ensure a benefit to society as a result of the opportunities that the Internet of Things (IoT) will create in the energy sector.
The session was attended by representatives of the electricity grid operators from Frane, Spain and Portugal. It was structured around an introductory panel and two round tables

Representatives from technology companies and startups from SUDOE area were also present.


The topics to be discussed in the session were the following:


  • Expected benefits of interoperability in terms of system and market operation.
  • How to ensure, on a technical level, interoperability for enabling demand side flexibility.
  • Innovative energy services associated with interoperability.
  • Interoperability to create the Internet of Energy.
  • New appliances in the smart home to communicate to any energy management.
  • Business opportunities.



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