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ESOF 2018 - HLC: Intelligent lighting for smart homes and smart cities


July 11th 2018
Within the frame of ESOF Euroscience Open forum Toulouse, UT3 PS in collaboration with Transener Consortium organized a High Level Conference under the title: Intelligent lighting for smart homes and smart cities.

We were glad to have the outstanding participation of a Nobel prize 2014 winner for Physics, Mr. NAKAMURA, who discussed about the frontiers of lighting systems science and technology, including the Solid-State Lighting (SSL) revolution and how it will be used to meet society's needs now and in the future. SSL (such as LEDs, O-LEDs and solid-state lasers) are challenging conventional technologies. In particular, LED has been a game-changer, outperforming the conventional technologies in all aspects.

The panel was also led by Mark REA from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute who developed the question: Can we better serve society through human-centric lighting?. To conclude the session, Suar TOPSU from Université de Versailles talked about the new challenges regarding the human-centric intelligent lighting.

More that 50 people attended this session!






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