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HLC: “Digital Transformation of Cities" Open Session


Last 13th of February, 2018,UPM's R&D+i center fir Energy Efficiency, Virtual Reality, Optical Engineering and Biometry (CeDInt) orgainez a High-Level conference on "Digital Transformation of Cities".


Energy management is one of the most demanding issues within urban areas. Cities,

indeed, represent three quarters of energy consumption and 80% of CO2 emissions worldwide,

and are set to host three quarters of the world's population in 2050.

Considering all the above, this High Level Conference aimed to show examples on

how ICTs and IoT technologies are currently creating value towards an energy transition

by reducing energy consumption and improving management of infrastructures in urban areas.


The Representatives of Madrid City Council and Sevilla City Council were present showing their project regarding new technologies implemented: "Smart Cities".

Also, enterprises as IMESAPI, Gasd Natural Fenosa, Viesgo, etc. and Research centers as CeDint and Sevilla City Council of UPM talk about some project in order to improve Energy Efficiency and the implementation of Renewable Energy in Smart Cities.

The participants had the opportunity to visit some installations of CeDInt center.


Venue: CeDInt - Universidad Politécnica de Madrid

Campus de Montegancedo, Pozuelo de Alarcón. Madrid

Salón de Actos


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