KIRAN-42 IMDEA High-Flux Solar Simulator
Avenida Ramon de la Sagra 3
Parque tecnologico de Mostoles
E-28935 Mostoles, Madrid, Spain
Is an experimental aimed at conducting high flux/ high temperature solar thermal, PV and thermochemical R&D. Supplying high power density beams like commonly used in concentered solar energy environments. The facility includes two enclosures which the test beds and high flux solar simulator.
Mains applications; - Solar concentration optics – Solar receivers and reactors – Advanced thermal fluids for high trmperature applications – High temperature energy storage(thermochemical, latent and sensible heat) – High flux/high temperature characterization techniques. (Irradiance CCD and CMOS cameras, gardon-type radiometers – Contact and non-contact temperature measurement.
Services; Thermo-chemical tests under high-flux and/or high temperature environments.
Solar and thermochemical assessment under high temperature
Materials durability – Thermal treatments of materials
Syntheses of nanomaterials or high –temperature materials
General specification; total electric power 42 kWe –total available radiation power 14kW – Radiation peak flux 3.6 MW/m; radiation flux density 2.7 MW/m at 140 A rated current
Lamps: 7 Xenon short-arc lamps – Electrical power per lamp 6 kW (35V. 170 A)

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