Avenida Ramon de la Sagra 3
Parque tecnologico de Mostoles
E-28935 Mostoles, Madrid, Spain
Pilot plant for for the production and development of advanced liquid biofuels from lignocellulosic biomass. Txo main sections; pyrolysis and HDO which are able to work independently or I, series.
The pyrolysis and HBO pilot plant is fully automated and configured to be capable of functioning in any of its operation modes; thermal/catalytic pyrolysis of biomass, HBO processing of any kind of oil and even the HDO treatment of the bo-oil generated in situ by the pyrolysis reactor.
Preparation and characterization of any kind of biomass.
Thermal/catalytic pyrolysis of biomass at steady state operation conditions for prolonged periods of time by means of this double-hopper biomass feeding system
HBO of bio-oil at steady state operating conditions with a continuous gas/liquid separation system and gas product continuously analyzed.
Studes of the catalytic activity of any catalyst in HDO process and assessment of their long term stability
Max reactor temp °c Pyr700 HDO 550
Max pressure (atm) Pyr 1 HDO 50
Processing capacity Pyr 1,5 kg/h HDO 1,5 L/h
Gas max flow rate (L/h) Pyr N 200, HDO H 5
Max pre-heaters temp °C Pyr 400 HDO 400
Max cyclones temp°C Pyr 400
Biomass parti

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