SEIL IMDEA Smart Energy Integration Lab
Avenida Ramon de la Sagra 3
Parque tecnologico de Mostoles
E-28935 Mostoles, Madrid, Spain
The SEIL platform allows analysis, development and testing of realistic scenarios for energy integration in both AC and DC networks and also operation of distribution power networks, islanded networks and micro grids. The results obtained are more reliable and accurate that, any computer based simul
The SEIL activities
- Simulation of electrical grids
- Control strategies
- Energy management
- Electrical vehicle
- Integration of renewable resources
- Power electronic applications
- Electronic systems prototyping

Services; Emulationof power networks in operation – implementation of energy management scenaris – Power integration of generation systems – Energy efficiency studies – Power electronics design and control
Total power 210 kVA Triphase systems
Power electronics 4x15 Kva AC/DC & 2x75 KvA AC/DC Converter Configuration as AC/DC/AC 1x9 kW DC/DC converter
Battery ; Energy 47,5 kwh – Li-ion cells Bat. Managt. & protect. syst.
Configurable Loads 30 kw three

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