Helder Jose Perdigão Gonçalves (LNEG)
new buildings concepts
solar thermal
solar energy intergation
The Research Infrastructure on Integration of Solar Energy Systems (NZEB_LAB) is a set of Portuguese Research facilities performing Research, Technical activities andService in all aspects related to the integration of Solar Energy in Buildings both existing and new. From the strategic and applied R
Through the research developed by NZEB_LAB, the RI strategy aims to develop and promote optimal pathways for achieving zero energy buildings standards, widespread adoption at national level by 2020, of optimized NZEB energy design and operation concepts suited to Portuguese climatic conditions and construction practices, in association with generation of nearly zero energy buildings prepared through their flexibility to respond to user’s needs and to become active contributors of energy production in the neighborhoods, districts and city context);
c) Technology transfer and input to national policy and industry, preparation of swift market implementation, influence relevant EU and national standards, building codes, directives and strategic plans.
SOLAR XXXL ; Test rooms -BIPV system (Building Integrated Photovolatic) -BIPV-PCM system (Building Integrated Photovoltaic with thermal storage Phase Change Materials). - Ground cooling system
LES ; Test bench for solar liquid heating collectors accordin

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