High Level Conference + Brainstorming Workshop


Lisbon, 2nd October 2018
A «Brainstorming Workshop » took place in the framework of the European Cooperation Network on Energy Transition in Electricity, TR@NSENER project. This workshop was organized by Faculdade de Ciências Universidade Lisboa, FCUL with the collaboration of the TR@NSENER Consortium.

The aim of this workshop was to foster the development of collaborative R&D projects between universities and companies aime to improve or create solutions  at upgrading smartness of existing buildings through innovations for legacy equipment.
More than 30 participants attended this workshop.
All the pedagogical material is available on:
Venue: Faculdade de Ciências Universidade Lisboa,
Campo Grande 1749-016

           HLC: Anfiteatro Fundação, Building C1, third floor
           BW: Biblioteca Instituto Dom Luiz, Building C1, first floor

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