Research & Training as factors of innovation

Results of Work package 1

Research & Training as factors of innovation

A 1.1.1: Master's Programme Curricula on Energy Transition

A 1.2.1-1 International Summer Scool: “Smart Grids and Smart Cities”- Barcelona

A 1.2.1-2 International Summer School on Energy Transition - Lisbon

A 1.3.1-1 Open Workshop : “Defining Smart Grids: Conditions for Successful Implementation” - Barcelona

A 1.3.1-2 Open Workshop: “Most Promising Disruptive Technologies on Smart Grids And Technology Transfer Success Stories - Madrid

A1.3.1-3 Open Workshop: "Scenarios and perspectives for the Energy Efficiency in the SUDOE Region for 2050" - Toulouse

A 1.4.1-1 HLC: Smart University campus and energy savings: Examples from Toulouse and Madrid - Toulouse

A 1.4.1-2 HLC: Etat de l’Art et Enjeux des filières de la transition énergétique - Perpignan

1.4.1-3 HLC: “Effective Policies for Urban Energy Transition” - Barcelona

1.4.1-4 HLC: Most Promising Disruptive Technologies on Smart Grids - Madrid

A 1.4.1-5 HLC: “Digital Transformation of Cities: Creating Value with Novel and Energy-Efficient Applications” - Madrid

A 1.4.1-6 HLC: Integration of renewable energy sources into the electrical grid - Sevilla

A 1.4.1-7 ESOF 2018 - HLC: Intelligent lighting for smart homes and smart cities - Toulouse

A 1.4.1-8 HLC: Innovation challenges in Smart Buildings - Lisbon

A1.4.1-9 High-Level Conference : “DC Electricity Distribution” - Guarda

Collaborative projects
TR@NSENER aims to promote collaborative projects between research centers and companies in order to stimulate transnational cooperation, innovation and technological transfer.

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Tr@nsener goal is to mobilize the regions in favor of the energy transition allowing the creation of a new SUDOE energy model

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