Avenida Ramon de la Sagra 3
Parque tecnologico de Mostoles
E-28935 Mostoles, Madrid, Spain
Pilot Plant for photosynthetic microorganism cultivation in photo bioreactors, especially for microalgae and cyanobacteria. The pilot plant includes two types of bioreactors; bubbled columns (13/ 1m3) and raceways (2/ 1m3), designed to be highly versatile and flexible
Scale up of microalgae and cyanobacteria production under control conditions
Cultivation of photosynthetic microorganisms at optimal conditions (media, composition, illumination, CO…)
Isolation and cell wall characterizations
Biofuels production bioethanol and biogas
Biomass chemical characterization
Nutrient recovery from liquid effluents; biomedication by means of photosynthetic microorganism nutrient uptake
Population dynamics of the different microalgae and cyanobacteria strains developed under different operationzl conditions applied to the photobioreacrtors
. feeding organic loading rate
. Changes in temperature
. pH changes
. Air and CO2 supply
. Illumination
. Mixing
Inoculation zonz:
Low volume inocula; illuminated metallic shelves for different bottle sizes
Pre-inoculum; illuminated bubbled column of 0.1 m3,
Preparation of cultivation media2 plastic tanks 150l agitator – Ultraviolet to avoid bacterial contamin

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