Amélioration de l'écosystème de l'innovation

Results of Work package 2

Improvement of Innovation Ecosystem

A 2.1.1 Database of Technological Platforms in the field of Energy

A 2.1.2: Leaflet of the potential of SUDOE area

A 2.1.3: Technological Platforms in the field of Enery in the Sudoe area

A 2.2.1 Training: Smart Grids: Development of strategies for the management and transfer of knowledge and technology

A 2.2.2-1 Tool box : Practical guide for companies formation

A 2.2.2-2 Tool Box: Funding Catalogue

A 2.3.1 Report : types of clusters in Sudoe area

A 2.3.2 2 agreements signed between clusters

A 2.4.1 White paper: An overview of innovation in the energy sector for the Sudoe regions

A 2.4.2-1 Session on the interoperability of networks

A 2.4.2-2 Awareness Session: Social acceptance of innovation in the energy sector - Sevilla

Bonus: Open Innovation models characterization for the energy sector -SUDOE area-

Collaborative projects
TR@NSENER aims to promote collaborative projects between research centers and companies in order to stimulate transnational cooperation, innovation and technological transfer.

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Tr@nsener goal is to mobilize the regions in favor of the energy transition allowing the creation of a new SUDOE energy model

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