Work package 2

Contribute to the Improvement of the innovation Ecosystem in the Energy Sector


Creation of an Interactive and Open Network of Technological Infrastructures (platforms)
Identification and promotion of tools at the service of technological transfer and innovation
Strengthening of regional innovation ecosystems: collaboration between clusters.
Organization of two sessions dedicated to the “Interoperability of Networks” and “Awareness Raising of the factors involved in the Social Acceptability of Innovation”

Expected results :

  • 1 inventory of Technological Platforms certified TR@NSENER
  • 1 leaflet for information and distribution of the potential of the zone SUDOE
  • 1 guideline of the general terms of use of Equipments / Platforms
  • training course “Development of an optimize strategic model for technology and knowledge (T&K) transfer”
  • 1tool box and guidelines for innovative companies’ creation and technology transfer.
  • 1guideline report for innovative companies’ creation. Best practises for innovation, knowledge and technology transfer.
  • 1report identifying the types of clusters with details on activity, performance, strengths ...
  • 3 collaboration agreements between clusters
  • 1 white paper - interoperability of electricity networks (Smart Grids) and "awareness" of the factors of social acceptance of innovation
  • sessions on the interoperability of networks and "awareness" of the factors of social acceptance of innovation

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